RARE by Trayler
represents food & drink photographers and stylists.

A background in traditional artist representation.
Years of producing commercial photography shoots.
An understanding of the ever changing advertising industry.
A growing fascination for food as art and art in food.
It made sense to combine all these things into RARE.

A few words of warning though.
Not about our roster of wildly creative talent.
They’re the best at what they do.
Collaborative, talented, dedicated and great to work with.
Specialists within a specialism.
No, not them. Scroll down for a warning about US...

Meet the team

We are RARE.
We bleed for our artists.
We take them, their work and their careers to the next level and the one after that.
We do everything we can to bring them better professional opportunities, more creative challenges and greater financial rewards.
We negotiate for them from the initial contract to the final payment and we do it fairly and openly.
We take care of the distractions, absorb the pressure and take the strain.
We make time for them - always.
And if we have to? Sure, we herd them or cajole them or tell them they can do better.
We don’t mind saying this because we know they’ll understand.

This business: It’s a fun one. A rewarding one. A deeply personal one and a highly professional one.
It’s also a weirdly delicious one.

Skye Trayler

Owner / Artist Manager

Loves... a cockle with a pint of fine ale by the seashore.

George Corbin

Owner / Producer

Loves... a hearty bang 'n' mash after a long gallop.

Evee Subi


Loves... travelling... when moules and frites are involved.

Lily Magenis

Artist Manager

Loves... aubergine in any form and that’s not even a euphemism.

Chris Sutherland

Junior Producer

Loves... sushi. Though only the most excellent sushi.

Georgina Bernard

Finance Manager

Loves... a drive-thru!