To celebrate the official launch of RARE, we invited our nearest and dearest industry friends, our exclusive roster and network of foodie artists along to SHED studios.

We took over the SHED gallery with a full exhibition of RARE photographers and stylists work. RARE Stylist Olivia Bennett showcased her skills with hanging sculptures built from bunches of single radishes. RARE Stylist and Art Director Camilla Wordie brought the Pantry to the party with her dried food sculpture. Victoria Tunstall, Food Stylist and Art Director welcomed guests to the party with a hanging RARE logo made entirely from popcorn, prawn crackers and marshmallows.

The visual feating was accompanied by and edible feasting with nostalgic dishes by the custom-made food styling and production teamĀ Get Room Service. The banquet table was styled with a future twist by set designer and stylist; Maya Angeli. All washed down with the carefully curated wine list from SHED. We finished off with Marmite Truffles from RARE Stylist Sal Henley and retro jellies from RARE Stylist Olivia Bennett. All topped off with bespoke foodie fortune cookies made by Food Photography Producer VickiĀ Pettifer.


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